Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1952, Helsinki: Italy wins the bronze

The Italian team, winner of the bronze medal in Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games. Photo: Standing L-R: Gildo Arena, Carlo Peretti, Geminio Ognio, Maurizio Mannelli. Sitting L-R: Lucio Ceccarini, Raffaello Gambino, Cesare Rubini. Missing from the photo: Renato De Sanzuane, Salvatore Gionta, Vincenzo Polito, Renato Traila.
Following the Vienna 1950 European Championship the era of Pino Valle ended. On 1950 the rules of Water Polo changed drastically causing the end of the “standing era “of the game. Practically the rule that prohibited players to move after the
blowing of the referees whistle was cancelled while the duration of the game became 2 periods of 10 min. instead of 7min. New coaches of the Italian team became as a couple Giulio De Filippis and Mario Majoni. Both work hard to adapt the play of the Italians to the concept of new playing rules, demanding more mobility comparing to the static way of playing used up to that moment.
Source: ..E nuotando-nuotando quasi un secolo passo; Bruno Beneck

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