Saturday, May 5, 2007

1951: The silver team of “N.C.Patras”, Greece

The team of “Nautical Club of Patras” on board, traveling to Italy, August 1951.
Standing from left: Mimis Paloumbis, Denis Ganasoulis, Andreas Georgiadis (President NCP) Costas Oikonomou, Carolos Diamandopoulos. Sitting: Andreas Garyfallos, Denis Stamboulis, Lazaros Papadopoulos, Vasilis Moukidis. Coach of NC Patras (missing from the photo) was the Italian Sirio Banchelli (ex Champion of Rari Nantes Florentia and member of the Italian National team in Magdemburg 1934).In 1951 the team of “N.C Patras” was 2nd into the Greek Championship. Player of the team was also Andreas Garyfallos, the legendary player of Ethnicos Piraeus and coach of the Greek national team in the 70'es.
Source: courtesy of Lambros Anastasopoulos;

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