Friday, June 8, 2007

1953: The start of "Ethnicos Piraeus" hegemony

The team of "Ethnicos Piraeus", winner of the 1953 Greek National Championship. This was the 3rd title for the glorious team of "Ethnicos", following their 1st in 1931 and 2nd in 1948. This was also the start of the hegemony of Ethnicos in Greece, as until 1985 they lost only the 1969 and 1971 Championships from their eternal rival "Olympiacos Piraeus". The 1953 team of "Ethnicos" from L-R: Gounarakis, Kakousis, Kourandis, Lekakis, Garyfallos, Kalfamanolis, Chatzikyriakakis. Source: Archive of "Ethnicos Pireaus".

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