Thursday, June 14, 2007

1972, Munich: The National team of Yugoslavia

The National team of Yugoslavia that took part at Munich 1972 Olympic Games. Yugoslavia during the preliminary phase won against Romania 8-7, Mexico 5-3, Cuba 7-5, Canada 12-4 and lost from USA 5-3. At the final phase Yugoslavia lost from USSR 5-4, USA 5-3, Hungary 4-2 , won against Germany 5-4 and tied with Italy 6-6. Ranking: 1. USSR, 2. Hungary, 3. USA, 4. Germany, 5. Yugoslavia and 6. Italy.
Standing L-R: Vlaho Orlic (Head coach), Dusan Antunovic, Ozren Bonacic, Uros Marovic, Ronald Lopatny, Mirko Sandic, Alexander Seifert (coach) and Dr.Brkovic.
Seated L-R: Zoran Jankovic, Sinisa Belamaric, Karlo Stipanic, Ratko Rudic, Milos Markovic and Djordje Perisic.
Source: private collection

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