Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Juan Antonio Sierra: Living memory of Water Polo

Juan Antonio Sierra, born in Barcelona in 1925 is a respectable personality of the Spanish and International Water Polo. He has been swimmer and Water Polo player of “Club Natación Athletic” from 1939 until 1950. Following his sport carrier he served Water Polo from various administrative roles. He has been General Secretary of the Catalan Federation (1954-1972), Seleccionador of the National Team on 1964, President of the National Water Polo Committee (1976-1977), President of the National Referrers Committee (1983-1985), member of LEN WPC (1974-1978) and Head of delegation in Mexico 1968 and Munich 1972 Olympic Games.
Juan Antonio Sierra is considered as the “living memory” of International and Spanish Water Polo, being author of several books concerning the History of our Sport.
Mr. Sierra will present June 23rd, 2007 his new magnificent book: The Spanish Olympic Water Polo is up to the Catalans”.

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