Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dimitris Konstas: The giant goalie from Greece

Dimitris Konstas, born 1950 has been the best goalkeeper of Greece of the 70’s. His carrier started back in 1964. He soon became the goalie of the glorious team of “Ethnicos Piraeus” winning 16 National Championships from 1966 until 1980. His first appearance with the Greek National team has been in 1971 at Smyrna, Mediterranean Games. At the time coach of the Greek team was the Hungarian Lazslo Sarossi who from time to time used him as a field player as well. He took part at Munich, 1972 Olympic Games, Berlin 1978 World Championships and Jonkoping, 1977 European Championships. Dimitris Konstas endowed with ideal physical characteristics had a remarkable feeling of the ball, rarely seen by contemporary goalkeepers.
Source: Magazine Water Sports; interview to Sotiris Kakisis

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