Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1980, Moscow: Trumbic coaching the Dutch team

Ivo Trumbic coaching the team of Netherlands at Moscow, 1980 Olympic Games. The Dutch team won against Greece 8-7 and Romania 5-3; lost against Hungary 5-3, Spain 7-5, Yugoslavia 5-4, USSR 7-3 and Hungary 8-7; tied with Cuba 7-7. Standing: 1. USSR, 2. Yugoslavia, 3. Hungary, 4. Spain, 5. Cuba and 6. Netherlands. The team: Wouly de Bie, Nicola Landeweerd, Jan Evert Veer, Hans van Zeeland, Tony Buunk, Stan van Belkum, Dick Nieuwenhuizen, Aad van Mil, Erik Noordegraaf, Jan Jaap Korevaar and Ruud Misdorp.
Source: personal collection

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