Monday, June 11, 2007

1980: The finalist team of "A.N.O.Glyfada"

The team of "Athletic Nautical Club Glyfada", that reached the 2nd place of the Greek National Championship on 1980, replacing thus, the traditionally finalists of "Olympiacos Piraeus". "A.N.O. Glyfada" managed to win one match against "Ethnicos Piraeus" who didn't loose since 1951 from any other Greek teams, except few times from Olympiacos. Standing L-R: Takis Michalos (coach), Zachariakis, Pondikis, Akis Giannopoulos, Kalimeris, Papaioannou, Markoglou, Kyriakos Giannopoulos, Tzouvelekakis, Stamatidis (assistant coach). Seated L-R: Berdes, Pateras, Katras, Papanastasiou, Pateros, Tzouvelekakis.
Source: Greek magazine; "Thalassia sport ke piscina" 1980.

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