Sunday, June 17, 2007

1980: "Ethnicos Pireaus" of Lino Repetto

The team of "Ethnicos Piraeus" coached by the distinguished Italian Lino Repetto, winner of its 28th Greek title, in 1980. Back row L-R: Stelios Karafandis, Dimitris Konstas, Sotiris Stathakis. Middle row L-R: Yiannis Garyfallos, Koulis Iosifidis, Marcelo Sitarenios, Nikos Armenakis. From row L-R: Sotiris Tzafolias (assistant coach), Thomas Karalogos, Dimitris Kougevetopoulos, Andonis Aronis, Yiannis Patlakas and Lino Repetto.
Source: archive of "Ethnicos Piraeus"

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