Wednesday, June 13, 2007

1972: The Champions of "C.N.Montjuic", Spain

The team of "Club Natacion Montjuic", Barcelona winner of the 1972 Spanish Championship. "C.N. Montjuic" won into the finals against C.N. Barcelona 5-4 and C.N Barceloneta 6-4. Standing L-R: Salvador Franch, Josep Maria Asensio, Antoni Comas, Ponc Puigdevall, Francesco Segura and Joan Sans. Seated L-R: Jordi Garcia, Albert Solanas, Didiac Devesa, Carles Medina, Carles Sanchez and Jaume Puig.
Coach of "C.N. Montjuic" has been Josep Brasco since 1965, when the team was playing into the 2nd division. In 1969 Montjuic, with Brasco, has been promoted for the first time to the 1st division of Spanish Championship. Just a week, before the final phase of the 1972 season, Brasco left the club, for matters of principle and thus he didn't have the chance to celebrate along with his players the historical victory. Next year, in 1973, Brasco has been nominated as Head coach of the Spanish National team, succeeding his mentor Bandy Zolyomy.
Source: Fites en la Historia de la Natacio Catalana; Joan Antoni Sierra and Manuel Domenech

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