Saturday, June 9, 2007

1962, Leipzig: The Dutch team of Van Feggelen

The players of the Dutch Water Polo National team, following carefully the instructions of their distinguished coach Ruud van Feggelen, prior to their participation at Leipzig, 1962 European Championships. The team of Netherlands: Henk Hermsen, Gerrit Wormgoor, Hans Aalberts, Rolf Wagenaar, Wim van Spingelen, Fred van Zwan, Loet Geutjes, Wim Walewijn, Bram Leenaards, Fred van Dorp and Ton Stam. Results: The Dutch team lost from USSR with 4-0 and Romania 4-3, won against Poland 5-2, Jugoslavia 4-3 and Italy 4-3, and tied against Belgium with 6-6. Final ranking: 1. Hungary, 2. USSR, 3. Yugoslavia, 4. East Germany, 5. Romania, 6. Netherlands and 7. Belgium.
Source: Waterpolo; historie-training-techniek en taktiek; W. Tiemessen and Pim van den Bosch

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