Saturday, June 9, 2007

1954, Torino: The team of Netherlands

The National team of Netherlands, fourth at Torino, 1954 European Championships. The team coached by Frans Kuyper: Max van Gelder, Nico Luchs, Nijs Korevaar, Gerrit Bijlsma, Hans Muller, Ruud Van Feggelen, Frits Smol, Jos Sievers, Joop de Gans and Gaston Finee. Netherlands won agains West Germany 7-6, Romania 7-5, Great Britain 6-5 and lost against Italy 5-4, Hungary 8-3 and Yugoslavia 4-9.
Ranking: 1. Hungary, 2. Yugoslavia, 3. Italy and 4. Netherlands.
Source: Waterpolo; historie, training, techniek en taktiek by Walter Tiemesen en Pim van den Bosch.
Photo: trading card issued in Holland in 1954 as part of the '40 Sporten en Spelen in Woord en Beeld' card set; Personal collection

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