Monday, June 11, 2007

1923: The “University of Pennsylvania” team

The Water Polo team of the “University of Pennsylvania” on 1923, composed by: Mortimer Mayer (captain), H.D. Cowlbeck, G.J. Friedman, J.P. Jones, N.H. Collins, S.W. Joy, J. Shuloff and I. Marien.
According to the 1901 publication “The History of Athletics at the University of Pennsylvania,” by Edward R. Bushnell, Penn was the first American University to “place a swimming pool at the disposal of its students.” In 1897, Champion Swimmer George Kistler was hired as an instructor, and it was Kistler who first organized swimming and Water Polo teams at Penn and made the sport an intercollegiate activity by holding collegiate meets in the Houston Hall tank.

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