Tuesday, June 5, 2007

1910: "C.N.Barcelona" vs "H.M.S.Russell"

The Water Polo team of "Club Natacion Barcelona" that played against the team of the English battleship "HMS Russell" on 11th September 1910. The match ended with 6-0 in favor of "HMS Russel". Standing L-R: Rabe (referree), Heyden, P. Picornell, Kleebatt (official), Lujan, Middelmann. Seated L-R: Grannicher, Fernandea and Guiraud.
Source: Historia del Water Polo Espanol; Juan Antonio Sierra.
Note: The "H.M.S. Russel" was built 1899 and sunk by German submarine on 1916 just off the coast of Malta.

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