Monday, June 11, 2007

1905: de Cuyper captain of “Libellule” in action

First page of the french magazine “La vie au Grand air” of July 28th, 1905. It says : « Le Water Polo » « Cuyper capitaine de l’équipe de la Libellule arrêtant le ballon » - « de Cuyper captain of the team of Libellule stopping the ball ». The team of "Libellule de Paris" representing France, has been 3rd at the Paris,1900 Olympic Games composed by the: Henri Peslier, Thomas Burgess, Alphonse Decuyper, Pesloy, Paul Vasseur, Jules Clévenot, Louis Laufray.
Photo: courtesy of Mr. Frederic Humbert editor of

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