Sunday, April 8, 2007

Henri Padou: the tough man of French Water Polo

Henri Padou, called "le grand canard" was the tough man of French water polo. He earned his living as a butcher and was not so kind in the water, either... He was a member of France’s water polo team, which won the 1924, Paris Olympic tournament and the leading French swimmer, as well as water polo player, between the two World Wars. He was born on May 15th 1898 in Tourcoing and entered the “Enfants de Neptune de Tourcoing” early on. He never strayed from his passion – continuing to swim at least twice a week until weeks before his death – he passed away at Tourcoing November 19th , 1981. For 27 years, Henri remained a member of the French water polo team, beginning in 1919 against Belgium and concluding in 1946 against Switzerland (Article by Eric Lahmy, L' Equipe). Source: Journal of Olympic History, Vol. 11 Jan. 05 Nr1. p.42

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