Sunday, April 8, 2007

1959, Pro Recco, Italy. Winning the first "scudeto"

The history of Pro Recco starts back to 1913, in front of the "Bagni Enotria" at Recco. Enotria has been the first official name of the club, that joined the National Water Polo on 1954. The first "scudetto" arrived on 1959, following the legendary final of Trieste, where the magnificent seven of Recco was crowned as National Champions. That was, the begging of a long lasting leadership that ended on 1974, with 14 "scudetti" during 16 seasons, and a European Champions Cup of 1964. More National titles came again on 1978, 1982, 1983, 1984, along with a second European Champions cup on 1983.
Players of the 1959 team: Merello, Lavoratori, Guidotti, Giraldi, Maraschi, Cevasco, Sogliano and Eraldo Pizzo, the "Caimano", one of the best Water Polo players of the century.
Source: website Pro Recco.

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