Monday, April 9, 2007

Zoran Jankovic, Yugoslavia

1964 Olympic Games: silver; 1968 Olympic Games: gold; 1967 European Championships: bronze; 1970 European Championships: bronze; 1963 Mediterranean Games: silver; 1967 Mediterranean Cup: gold; 1971 Jadran Cup: silver; 1972 Tungsram Cup: silver; 1964 Meritorious Sportsman of Yugoslavia
Zoran Jankovic was born on January 8, 1940, in the town of Zenica in the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He became a swimmer at an early age and was a youth swimming champion of the former Yugoslav Republic of Croatia. He started playing water polo in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. At the age of 21, in 1961, he moved to the city of Belgrade, capitol of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and became a member of the Water Polo Club, Partizan. He was a dominant player for his club and together with Hall of Fame teammate Mirko Sandic, Jankovic helped his team win six National Championships, four National Cups and four European Club Championships. As a member of the National Water Polo Team of Yugoslavia, Jankovic played in 221 games scoring 259 goals. Zoran Jankovic died on May 25, 2002.


  1. He was the greatest waterpolo player ever, indeed.

  2. Hi, I would appreciate if you could send me another picture of him. Regards. Yiannis

  3. He was a virtuoso in the swimming pool. Nowdays you don't see much of this beauty in sports. Only scores count.


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