Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vlacho Orlic: The legend of Yugoslavia

Vlacho Orlic, the living legend of Yugoslavian Water Polo, was born into the historic Adriatic seaport city of Dubrovnik. He studied medical doctor but he never practiced medicine devoting his entire life to coaching. Orlic, was the creator of the epic team of Partizan Belgrade, winning six European National Champions cups. He coached the National team of Yugoslavia in Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976. Considered my many as one of the most brilliant Water Polo minds in the World, he brought Yugoslavia on the top, while he educated with care, many ex-athletes and promising young coaches such as (and among many others) Ratko Rudic and Nicola Stamenic. Stamenic said about him: “ Mr. Orlic is a genius and not just in Water polo; He has a unique perspective, a different way of looking at things. He presents things in a way and makes me think. He will never say: Do this or do that. He stands on ethics. There is no question of his motives, honesty and integrity.
Source: World Water Polo magazine;July 1998#10

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