Friday, April 6, 2007

1912 Stockholm - Great Britan wins the Gold medal

Final: GREAT BRITAIN—AUSTRIA. 8—0, 7.50 p. m. Saturday, 13 July
The final had not excited the interest that it should, considering that an Olympic Gold Medal was to be played for, but everyone felt pretty sure, of course, that Great Britain must win, for the Austrian team had altogether too many weak points to be able to offer any serious resistance. Great Britain at once took possession of the ball, but the attack was repulsed by the Austrian goalkeeper and the ball carried to the opposite side of the course. This, like other, later, attacks on the part of Austria were never dangerous, as their forwards seemed to be quite unable to shoot, well watched as they were by the British defence. Great Britain made a close succession of attacks, Radmilovic and Wilkinson playing exceedingly well together, the result being that the team made 4 goals in the first half, which finished with the goal-total 4—0 against Austria. The second half was a duplicate of the first. Great Britain made some brilliant attacks and gave quite a nice exhibition of tricky play against the comparatively weak backs opposed to them. The team made 4 goals in this half too, the final result being that Great Britain won by 8—0 (4—0, 4—0). Referee: E. Bergvall, Sweden. Source: Official report Olympic Games Stockholm 1912

Great Britain: Charles Sydney Smith, George Cornet, George Wilkinson, Charles Bugbee, Arthur Edwin Hill, Paul Radmilovic, Isaac Bentham
Photo: France vs Sweden

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