Friday, April 6, 2007

1936, Berlin: Hungary wins, offering a lesson of tenacity

Water Poloist Oliver Halassy won his 2nd Gold Medal despite the fact that one of his legs had been amputated below the knee following a streetcar accident. He also won 1928 silver and 1932 gold; European Championships: Gold (1500m freestyle); and 25 Hungarian Individual Swimming Titles (400m to 1500m freestyle).
Brandy Jeno (1913-1980), Brody Gyorgy (1908-1967), Bozsi Mihaly (1911-), Halassy Oliver (1909-1946), Hazai Kalman (1913-), Hommonai Marton (1905-1969), Kutasy Gyorgy (1910-1977), Molnar Istvan (1913-), Nemeth Janos (1906-), Sarkany Miklos (1908-), Tarics Sandor (1913-). Source:

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