Sunday, April 15, 2007

1982: A unique match at the Hajos Alfred Pool

Summer 1982: The team of Hungarian Journalists and Referees Vs Foreign Referees at the Hajos Alfred Swimming pool in Budapest (final result 4:3). Referees: Dr. Karpati (Hungary) and Alfred Balen (West Berlin). Hungarian team: Dombi, Konigh, Dr. Salamon, Marjai, Peterdi, Kelemen, Gyarfas, Kosci, Coach: Halasi. Foreign team: Gelli (Spain), Lambasa (Yugoslavia), Silha (Rumania), Selzam (FRG), Demey (France), Chirunas (Soviet Union), Merola (Italy), Tsantas (Greece), Goersten (Holland), Coach: Josef Dirnweber.
After the game Gyorgy Konigh from Hungary said: Hungarian Water Polo is still alive...We won 4-3, allthough after the match the foreign masters of the whistle begged us to annouce 4:4....We offer them a botle of wine, invite them to lunch, or anything they wish, but we stick to 4:3...".
Source: Tamas Gyarfas; International Swimming and Water Polo magazin; 1982 #7

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