Monday, April 16, 2007

1974, Vienna: The Spanish team of Josep Brasco

The Spanish National team that took part in the Vienna 1974, European Championships. The team, coached by the living legend of the Spanish Water Polo, Josep Brasco, finished 7th. This result is considered one of the best for the Spanish Water Polo up to that moment. The Spanish team composed by young players of 21 years average age, lost against the USSR with 9-5, Roumania 5-4, Hungary 8-2 and Yugoslavia 7-6. The team won against West Germany with 3-1 and tied against Italy with 3-3 and against Nederlands with 4-4.
Photo: standing from left to right: Poncio Puigdevall, Salvador Franch, Juan Jane, Antonio Torres, Josep Brasco (coach), Gaspar Ventura and Juan Rubio. Sitting: Alfonso Canovas, Pedro Robert, Antonio Esteller, Juan Sans and Francisco Castillo (jr.)
Source: Juan Antonio Sierra; Historia del Water Polo Espanol; 1908-1994

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