Thursday, April 12, 2007

1970: The Spanish Juniors National with Bandy Zolyomy

The Spanish Juniors National team, winner of the 1970 "torneo del Pascua" in Belgrade.
Photo: from left to right standing: Juan Sans, Juan Jane, Gabriel Soler, Enrique Guardia, Poncio Puigdevall, Antonio Comas and Carlos Grau. Sitting: Francisco Rosique, Alfonso Canovas, Bandy Zolyomy" (coach), Pedro Tortajada and Ignacio Sopesens.
Source: courtesy of Juan Antonio Sierra "Historia del Water polo Espanol" 1908-1994.
That team took 1st place in a tournament U18. It was the first success of Spanish Water Polo. Also is important to remark the club team of the above players: C.N. Montjuic 4 players, C.N. Barcelona 3 players, C.N. Terrassa 2 players, C.N. Barceloneta 1 player, C.N. Catalunya 1 player. That fact was very important for the Spanish Water Polo (Comment by: Mr. Josep Brasco Cata, ex coach of the Spanish National team and assistant of Bandy Zolyomy)


  1. That team took the 1º place in a tournament under 18 .Whas the first succes for the spanish waterpolo .
    Also is important to remark from where coming the players .
    CN Monjuic 4 plyers
    CN Barcelona 3 players
    CN Terrassa 2 players
    CN Barceloneta 1 player
    CN Catalunya 1 player
    That fact was very imortant for the
    spanish waterpolo

  2. Dear Mr. Brasco, many thanks for your comment. I will add it to the original text. Kind regards. Yiannis


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