Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1964, Tokyo: Third silver medal for Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia’s water polo team lost the Tokyo Games gold because of the smaller goal difference. At the time there were no knock-out stages in the final round of the tournament, but the four best teams of preliminary rounds competed in the final group – each team against the other three teams. Yugoslavia and Hungary did not lose any matches, and tied against each other. The Hungarians scored a greater goal difference (12:7) than Yugoslavia (8:5) and were awarded the first place. The Yugoslav players and their coach Boško Vuksanović were of an opinion that the referees’ decisions contributed directly to Hungary’s winning the gold. However, the Yugoslav team was in position to decide the battle for the gold, or rather Mirko Sandić was, as he unexpectedly failed to score from the four-metre area in the very finish of the bout with Hungary at 4:4.

The team: Milan Muškatirović, Zlatko Šimenc, Božidar Stanišić, Anton Nardeli, Mirko Sandić, Ozren Bonačić, Frane Nonković, Ivo Trumbić, Vinko Rosić, Zoran Janković, Karlo Stipanić

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