Monday, April 9, 2007

1964, Tokyo: Hungary vs Yugoslavia 4-4, semifinales

15 October, 1964. Hungary faces Yugoslavia during the semifinals on the roar for the gold. The game ended with 4-4. Periods: 0-3, 3-0, 0-1, 1-0. Hungary: Borros Otto, Mayer Mihaly, Felkai Laszo, Domotor Zoltan, Konrad II Janos, Gyarmati Dezso, Karpati Gyorgy, Rusoran Peter, Bodnar Andras, Kanizsa Tivadar, Pocsik Denis. Yugoslavia: Muscatirovic Milan, Trumbic Ivo, Rosio Vino, Stanisic Bozidar, Nerdeli Ante, Jankovic Zoran, Sandic Milan, Nonkovic Frane, Bonasic Ozren, Trumbic Ivo. Scorers: Felkai 1, Karpati 2, Rusoran 1 (Hungary) and Rosio (1), Stanisic (1), Sandic (4) for Yugoslavia. Referre: Dirnweber (Judges: Batalle T. Spain, Philips C.B. Australia)
Source: Official report Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.

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