Thursday, April 12, 2007

1932, Los Angeles: Germany beats Brazil with 7-3

Photo: Match of Germany against Brazil, ended 7-3 in favor of Germany. (Personal collection)
Germany: Erich Rademacher (goalkeeper), Otto Cordes (back), Friedriech Gunst (back), Emil Benecke (back and captain), Joachim Rademacher (forward), Heiko Schwartz (forward) and Hans Schulze (forward).
Brazil: Luiz Henrique Da Silva (goalkeeper), Mario De Lorenzo (back), Jefferson Maurity Souza (back), Salvador Amendola (back), Carlos Castello Branco (forwrd and captain), Antonio Ferreira Jacobina (forward), Adhemar Serpa (forward).
Referee: B. Komjadi (Hungary). (Half time result: Germany - Brazil 4-3)
Following the game between Brazil and Germany, Brazil was disqualified from further competoition and so Hungary and Japan won their games scheduled with Brazil, by forfeit.
Source: Official report Los Angeles 1932, Olympic Games.

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