Monday, April 9, 2007

1924, Paris. Greece second time in Olympic Games.

Second presence of Greece into the Olympic Games. Greece on Monday, 17 July 1924, lost against Czechoslovakia and thus was not classified according the competition rules.

Report of the game:
Czechoslovakia - Greece: 6-1. : This game was not as interesting as the previous games. The team of Czechoslovakia didn't face difficulties against the Greek Team, whose the goalkeeper seemed to be insufficient. After the first half Czechoslovakia was leading by 4-0, while at the second period scored 2 more goals. The Greek team took profit of an opponent's player exclusion and scored the goal of honour.
Czechoslovakia: Forwards: B. Nemenyi (right side; II. Klempfner (centre); J. Tomasek (right side). Halfs: J. Reitmann — Backs: F. Kurfa (left); F. Franck (right). Goalkeeper : V. Ankrt
Greece: Forwards: G. Chalkiopoulos(left); A. Assimakopoulos(centre); A. Theodorakis (right)Halfs: D. Vassilopoulos Backs: Loudis (right). P. Psychas (left); N. CA Goalkeeper: N. Baltazzis - Mavrocordatos

Referee: E. Bergwall (Sweden), Secretary: D. W. Lintern (Great Britain), Goal Judges: Thibor Keller (Hungary): A. Foulon (France).
Source: Official Report - Paris, 1924 Olympic

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