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1908, London. The winning team of Great Britain

The team of Great Britain, winner of London, 1908 Olympic Games.
Extract from the London Games Official report: "The Britishers at once dropped into a prettily combined game, and after a minute Wilkinson scored with a great shot, while just afterwards Radmilovic hit one of the posts with a terrific back-hander. However, this made little difference, as Forsyth got through, and from close in gave Michant no chance. The British continued to attack in fine style, and although Michant kept goal splendidly, Wilkinson at length registered a third point. Radmilovic followed with a fourth—a somewhat lucky point, as the ball after being thrown out by the opposition goalkeeper rebounded into the net. Then Meyboom caused Smith to make two splendid saves, but the Belgians would not be denied, and at the next attempt Gregoire got past the British keeper’s defence. Cheered by this success, the Belgians improved immensely. A beautiful back-hand shot by Radmilovic was saved by Michant, and his forwards capturing the ball went through and gave Feyaerts the opportunity to beat Smith with a capital effort. This, however, was the Belgians’ last success. Just before the interval Forsyth again scored. Half-time :—Great Britain, 5 goals; Belgium, 2. After changing ends the Belgians struggled pluckily against a much superior combination, but could not prevent several further goals being registered against them. First, Radmilovic—after Wilkinson had hit the bar—scored, then Forsyth defeated Michant, while Wilkinson wound up a fine game by adding two more goals, a tenth point sent through a second after the final whistle not being allowed".
Final result Great Britain vs Belgium : 9-2
Great Britain: C. S. Smith (goal); G. Nevinson and G. Cornet (backs); T. Thould (half-back); G. Wilkinson, P. Radmilovic, and C. G. Forsyth (forwards).
Belgium: A. Michant (goal); H. Meyboom and V. Boin (backs); S. Feyaerts, O. Gregoire and H. Donners (forwards), J. Pletinex (half back)
Source: London 1908 Olympic Games, official report.

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