Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1958: Brazilian National team players

Players of the Brazilian National team during the 1958 South American Water Polo competition.
Source: courtesy Cristina F. Mattos; Centro Pró-Memória Hans Nobiling; Esporte Clube Pinheiros


  1. the 3º from left side is
    Joao Gonzalves

  2. hello! just for say that your blog and your collection is totally amazing.I have recognized some picture for example: "les enfants de neptune, Tourcoing", because my brother had recuperated a lot of documents and pictures from this swimming pool(which is closed since many years and all are forgotting)when he worked at.Thanks for your blog.
    P.S.: sorry for my english because i'm french..and i'm a trainer of water polo since one year but player(girl) since ten years.


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