Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1986: The team of Yugoslavia

The National team of Yugoslavia during the International tournament held at Vouliagmeni Nautical Club, Greece in 1986. Few months later the Yugoslavian team coached by the legendary Ratko Rudic, won the World Championships in Madrid, following a thrilling match against Italy of Fritz Denerlein. The players: Simenc, Bukic, Sukno, Krivokapic, Dzuho, Popopic, Andric, Milanovic, Pascualin, Lucic, Vasovic, Bebic.
Source: archives Vouliagmeni N.C.


  1. the 3th player from the right is Mirko vicevic?

  2. If I am not wrong is Vasovic not Vicevic. I don't know the name of the second player from right. If somebody can correct is welcomed. Yiannis


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