Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1956, Melbourne: USSR vs Italy 3-2

Action during the game of USSR and Italy at Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. Despite the expectations Italy finished 4th. Four years later in Rome 1960 Olympics Italy succeeded to repeat the triumph of London 1948.
The Italian goalkeeper, Enzo Cavazzoni, saves a shot of Pyotr Mshvenieradze. USSR won against Italy with 3-2. The team of U.S.S.R.: B. Goikhman, V. Prokopov, I. Chliapine, V. Kourennoi, P. Breous, P. Mshvenieradze, B. Markarov. The Italian team: E. Cavazzoni, C. Rubini, A. Marciani, P. Pucci, G. D'Altrui, F. Dennerlein, A. Buonocore. Referee of the game was V. Polic.
Source: Official report; Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games

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