Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sotiris Kakisis: The poet who loves Water Polo

Sotiris Kakisis is a charismatic contemporary Greek poet. His first collection of poems “The strings – Ta syrmata” were presented to the public in 1978, at the time he was defending the cage of the emerging Water Polo team of Vouliagmeni Nautical Club. Since then, he has published more than fifty works, occasionally illustrated with drawings of the most famous modern Greek painters such as Alekos Fassianos, Giorgos Stathopoulos and Nikos Chouliaras. Sotiris Kakisis is a prolific translator, most notably of Ancient Greek lyric poetry (Alcaeus, Sappho, Ipponax etc) and authors such as Lewis Carroll, Marcel Proust, Carlo Collodi, Woody Allen etc.
Kakisis has published many articles about Sports and is famous in Greece also, as interviewer of great personalities, while he has presented exceptional works concerning Maria Callas, Buster Keaton or Jerry Lewis. Well known for his admiration for Federico Fellini, he wrote scripts for several films of the distinguished Greek director George Panousopoulos and quite a few song lyrics as well. His adaptations of Euripides “Medea” and Herondas’ “Mimiamvoi” have been stage-produced by the State Theater of Norway and the Greek National Theater respectively.

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