Sunday, December 16, 2007

1975: Israel vs "Duisburg SV 98"

The Israeli National Team line up for presentation at a tournament in Duisburg, West Germany vs the local team "Duisburg SV 98" in 1975. (Fourth from the team in the right is the legendary player of Duisburg SV98 Werner Obschernikat).
Source: archive Dr. Micha Kanitz; courtesy of Benny Karny - (commented by Rainer Hoppe)


  1. Hi,

    I think this a photo of a game between Israel an the Club of SV Duisburg 98 in Duisburg.


  2. Hi Rainer, Thanks for your comment. Are you sure about that? This is the info I have recieved from my good friend Benny Karny. In case you have old photos from SV Duisburg 98, I will be more than happy to post them. Please contact me at:
    Best regards.
    Yiannis Giannouris

  3. Hi Yíannis,
    I’m absolutely sure. I played in 98for more then 10 years. The 4th guy from the right team is Werner Obschernikat, who only played for the Duisburg club during his amazing career.
    I will try to organize photos for you to publish in the internet.
    Best regards

  4. Thanks allot Rainer. I have already changed the information about the picture. I will be happy to receiving some pictures of your team or others. Best season greetings. Yiannis


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