Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1925: The Champions of Weston-super-Mare

The team of Weston-super-Mare, winner of the English Championship in 1925. Back row L-R: C. Baker, G. Baker, L. Harris, G. Burgess, C. Trist, G. Newberry, W. Payne, H. Benfield, F. Bennett, L. Elver, A. E. B. Gregory. Middle row, standing: T H Thould (senior), J Rowsell, H B Hawkins, F Banwell (Club Captain), J Reed, G Boulton (trainer), P Radmilovic (GB captain Olympic Teams), G Day, E Buckley (Somerset), T H Thould (GB, Olympic Games), F Boulton (trainer), S Collins (assistant secretary), H Collins (hon secretary), A Glass, G Taylor. Front row, sitting: H Dommett (Olympic Games), A Roberts (Somerset), R Elver (captain, Somerset), C Burrows (Somerset), A L Hoskins (Reserve, Somerset). Source: courtesy of Mr. Mike G. Coles.