Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Joaquin Morera: The legendary Catalan Official

Joaquin Morera, born in Terrasa of Cataluña in 1914 has been one of the most important Spanish and International personalities of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
His long involvement with Aquatic environment started back in 1932, when, with a group of friends, he founded the “Club Natación Terrasa”. He swam for C.N.Terrasa until 1936 and in 1939 he became the leading administrative personality of his club. His great capabilities brought him in 1940, to the Catalan Swimming Federation. As Secretary General, he immediately started to reorganize the Federation having a strong vision to improve all Catalan Aquatic Sports. In 1942 he became an official Water Polo referee and Swimming judge and established the Water Polo referees association. He was firm promoter of the Spanish participation at the International competitions and assisted Bernardo Picornell to organizing the 1948 FINA Congress in Barcelona. In 1950 along with the Spanish referee Tomas Batalle he officiated several Water Polo matches at Vienna 1950, European Championships. At the Helsinki, 1952 Olympic Games he was elected for the 1st time member of FINA and immediately contributed to the change of the actual system of Olympic Water Polo competition. In 1953 he became the Secretary General of the Spanish Swimming Federation and promoted the Spanish participation at Turin 1954 European Championships. In Melbourne, 1956 as member of FINA he had to travel individually, since Spain did not participate at the Olympics for political reasons. In Rome 1960 he was reelected as FINA member and in 1961 he published his work “The History of Swimming in Spain”. In Tokyo 1964, was reelected as FINA member and started his collaboration with the Catalan newspaper “La Vanguardia”. In 1965 he established the official magazine of the Spanish Federation “CROLL” still circulating in our days. In 1966 he was elected as member of L.E.N. and President of the Swimming Committee. In Mexico 1968 he was reelected as member of FINA bureau and became member of the Spanish Olympic Committee. In 1970 was one of the leading personalities into organizing the Barcelona European Championships. In 1972 was once more elected in FINA bureau.
From 1975 until 1977 he continued to follow the International scene despite his serious health problems. His last editorial into the CROL magazine appeared in February 1977 along with his last presence at the LEN Congress held in Florence.
Joaquin Morera,
passed away in 1979 leaving a great legacy to all Spanish and International Aquatic officials. His extensive Swimming and Water Polo library was donated to the Catalan Swimming Federation in proof of his long lasting passion and devotion for the Sports of Swimming and Water Polo.
"Carta postuma a Joaquin Morera" by Juan Antonio Sierra

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