Monday, December 29, 2008

1902: Women’s Water Polo in Yorkville, New York

Extract from the “Evening World – New York August 18, 1902): Girls Swimmers form Water Polo team and want to be challenged; There are many young women who are expert swimmers and up to a hard, long race, but until recently Water Polo was considered a sport entirely too strenuous for the strength and endurance of the fair sex. Water Polo is perhaps best described as a game in which the players almost drown each other.
And yet up at Alex Meffert’s Yorkville Baths, on the East River there are dozens girls who play Water Polo and play it well. Meffert who was an amateur champion and afterward coach and instructor of the famous Knickerbocker Athletic Club, has taught these girls the fine points of the game.......
Source: The Evening World – New York August 18, 1902