Sunday, March 9, 2008

1968, Mexico: The bronze team of Hungary

The National team of Hungary at the presentation of the bronze medal match against Italy in Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. The team of Hungary: 1. Endre Mornar, 2. Mihaly Mayer,3. Istvan Szivos,4.Janos Konrad, 5. Laszlo Sarosi,6. Lazlo Ferkai,7. Ferenec Konrad , 8. Denes Pocsik,9. Andras Bodnar, 10. Zoltan Domotor, 11.Janos Steinmetz. The game officiated by the legendary Spanish referee Mateo Manguillot, ended with 9-4 in favor of Hungary.
Source: archives Mateo Manguillot family