Monday, March 24, 2008

1899: The Champions of Knickerbocker A.C.

The team of Knickerbocker A.C of New York winners of the 1899 US Championship. There were four other teams that took part in this Championship: The New York Athletic Club, the Duquesne Athletic and Country Club of Pittsburgh, the Brookline Swimming Club of Boston and the University of Pennsylvania. Knickerbocker A.C won the final game against New York Athletic Club with 3-1. The team: L.De B.Handley (1), G.Neuss (2), A.G.Savore (3), Harry A.King (4), A.Meffert (5), H.Cornish (6), G.W.Van Cleaf (7), H.H.Reeder (8), Dan Reuss (9).
Source: Outing, by Vigilant. 1899 May