Thursday, March 13, 2008

1975: The team of A.N.O.Glyfada, Greece

The 1975 team of A.N.O.Glyfada winner of the 2nd Greek division Championship. Glyfada following a brief participation in the 1973 and 1974, 1st division Championships, had once more, in 1975, to fight for its promotion to the highest Greek category. Standing L-R: C.Papadopoulos, Vaggelis Pateros (boys team), A.Papadopoulos, Paris Kaltsidis, Pandelis Katras (boys team), Vlasis Kalogeropoulos, Vaggelis Voultsos (coach), Dimopoulos, Tassis Papaioannou. Seating L-R: Andreas Stathopoulos, Filippos Sourdis, Giorgos Stamatidis, Yiannis Pondikis, Grekas.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Tassis Papaioannou