Monday, March 3, 2008

1924, Paris: Weissmuller and Kahanamoku

Two legendary American swimmers who played Water Polo. Johnny Weissmuller and Duke Kahanamoku following the 100 meter freestyle in Paris, 1924 Olympics.
Duke Kahanamoku
winner of gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and 1920 Olympics in Antwerp. He finished the 100 meters with a silver medal during the 1924 Olympics in Paris, the gold going to Johnny Weissmuller. He showed up on the 1932 U.S. Olympic Water Polo team is generally regarded as the person who popularized the modern sport of surfing.
Johnny Weissmuller on of world's best swimmers in the 1920’s, winning five Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal. He also won a bronze medal in Paris, 1924 Water Polo competition at the Olympics. After his swimming career, he became the sixth actor to portray Tarzan in films, a role he played in twelve motion pictures.
Photo: Le miroir des Sports, 23 July 1924