Saturday, February 9, 2008

1920, Antwerp: The Water polo team of USA

The announcement of USA Water Polo team in view of Antwerp, 1920 Olympic Games. To note the comment of the article: "These players have been selected tentatively on the understanding that if enough money is not received the team entry will be canceled and none of the players will be sent over....". Finaly the US team did go to the Games finishing at the 4th place (USA- Greece 7-0, Great Britain-USA 7-2, Belgium - USA7-2 and USA-Spain 5-0). The team according to the NYT article: Perry McGillivray, Harry Hebner, Hal Vollner, Vosberg, C.Brown, Jensen, Kelger, Carlson.
The US team according the Olympic Game archives:Preston Steiger, Sophus Jensen, Michael McDermott, Clement Browne, Herbert Vollmer, Harry Hebner, James Carson, William Vosburgh, George Taylor, Perry McGillivray, Norman Ross, Duke Kahanamoku.
Source: "The New York Times of July 16th 1920". Olympic archives

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