Saturday, February 9, 2008

1908: Tough game between NYAC and Chicago

Article published in "The New York Times" in March 1908:" A terrific game of Water Polo between the New York Athletic Club and the Chicago Athletic Club teams closed the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Championship in the tank of NYAC. Rough play and charges of foul tactics marked the bitter contest from first to last, and because of the disabling of players on two occasions play was interrupted. In that style at the end of the regular two periods of 8 min. play each, the score then standing 1 to 1...".
Its is said that following this match the AAU suspended Water Polo from its list of sanctioned Sports and consequently USA did not send a team to the London 1908 Olympic Games.
Source: A History of USA Water Polo in the Olympic Games; The New York Times of March 29th, 1908; picture ISHOF

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