Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1958: The National team of Argentina

The team of Argentina that took part in the South American Swimming and Water Polo Championship held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1958. Argentina shared the title with the team of Brazil following three thrilling games and four supplementary extra times that ended up with a tie….
Standing L-R: E.Carrera (official), C.Goiri, J.Lucey, D.Wolf, A.Carnevali, A.Gill Garro, O.Codaro, C.Yeimini (Head of delegation), S.Gentile (coach). Seating L-R: C.Visentin, J.Martinez, P.Consuegra, E.Cronkovich, C.Evans, J.Maganas and C.Tandenciars.
Source: magazine “El Grafico” February 1958