Thursday, November 8, 2007

1966: Poster of Hungary vs Great Britain

Poster of the International match of Hungary against Great Britain in 1966. There has been the first International appearance of Istvan Szivos Jr. The team of Hungary: Miklos Ambrus, Istvan Szivos, Zoltan Kasas, Laazlo Szlawka, Janos Konrad, Peter Rusoran, Ferenc Konrad, Gyorgy Karpati, Zoltan Domotor, Andras Bodnar and Denes Pocsik. The team of Great Britain: John Towers, Anthony Whittington, Roger Baylis, Michael Hale, John Sheshkar, James Dickenson, James Tancock, Murray Anderson, David Wright, Brian Flook. Hungary won the game with 7-0.
Source: courtesy of Zsofia Vilo

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