Thursday, July 10, 2008

1900, Paris: The golden “Osborne Swimming Club”

The team of “Osborne Swimming Club” of Manchester. The Osborne SC team won the gold medal in Paris, 1900 Olympic Games with the following composition: William Henry (Life Saving Society), Robert A.Grawshaw (Mayfield), Thomas Coe (Manchester Osborne), Victor Lindberg (Osborne registered but swam for Australia), F.Stapleton (Nottingham), Jack A. Jarvis (Leicester). In the team were not included as believed so far John Derbyshire, Eric Robinson, George Wilkinson, Arthur Robertson and William ListerSource: A short History of Water Polo by Kelvin Juba. (New findings about the composistion of the Osborne team were provided by the historian Mrs Wendy Coles)