Monday, February 11, 2008

1948, London: The U.S. Olympic team

The USA National team that took part in London 1948 Olympic Games. L-R: Kenny Beck, Bob Bray, Ralph Budelman, Lee Case, Devere Christensen, Harold Dash, Dixon Fiske, Eddie Knox, Jerry Miller, Don Tierney and Frank Walton. Despite winning the initial game 7-0 against Uruguay and tying the powerful Belgium 4-4, the US team lost the decisive game against Sweden with 7-0 and thus was eliminated from the further competition.
Source: A history of the USA Water Polo in the Olympic Games.


  1. Don Tierney was a great guy. Used to drink beer with him at the Bergen Bar in Brooklyn.

  2. I am related to Don Tierney thru Ray Stanton. Do
    you know him?

    1. No,I dont know him. In case you can provide me pictures of him with the team I will be glad to post them.


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