Monday, February 11, 2008

1938: Anything goes in Water Polo

Anything goes in Water Polo ….if you can get away with it: “There is no tougher sport than Water Polo. The rules of the game are supposed to prevent the payers from drowning one another, but just about else goes. The object is to touch the ball to the goal post (3 points) or, failing in this to throw a goal (2 points). You must carry the ball on the water’s surface until you are forced under, Then you may swim under water with for 8 feet. Your opponents may hold you under as long you hold the ball. When you let go of it, they can hold you down for 10 seconds. The game is played for two 8-minutes periods on a 60-foot course with 6 (sometimes 5) men on each team. Presented here is a contest between the University of Florida and the Silver Springs, Fla., teams which took place in silver Springs Lake. In making these unusual pictures, Photographer Walter Nase stood on the bottom of the lake in a diver’s suit and used a special under-water camera”.
Source: article of magazine “Look” of August 30, 1938

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