Saturday, February 9, 2008

1906: Rules for the benefit of the game, USA

Article within “The New York Times” of December 25th, 1906 concerning amendments to the Water polo rules…decided by the AUA, for the benefit ...of the game.
“The promised amendments to the rules governing the game of Water Polo, which have been anxiously awaited by players and the public for nearly two years, have been materialized, and the next Championship tournament will be held under the revised code. Contrary to the expectation very few changes have been made that will materially alter the style of play now in vogue. Westerns were known to be strongly in favor of the tightly inflated ball, which would open up the game and do away with the fierce scrimmages that now take place when the goal is attacked, but law makers thought this too radical a departure from the present style, and seven – eight inflation of the ball was prescribed instead.
The other changes briefly:
Introduction of the ring attachment to hold the ball in the center of the pool until the player have dive after it.
Replacement of the referee’s pistol with a whistle…
Referees will be managed by the AAU
so to reduce impartial officiating by referees belonging to the competing Clubs.
No games will be finishing with tie. An extra period will last until one team scores the first goal.
The rules of fouls have been corrected in several points and new penalty made applicable. If the referee considers any fouling in the light of unnecessary rough work he may send the offender to the side lines for periods of time according the degree of the offence. ….An effort was made to define in detail what constituted unnecessarily rough work, but the task was found too great, and the Comitee decided that the best solution of the problem was to look for able and impartial referees and to leave it to their ….discretion.
New York Times, Deember 25th, 1906

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