Monday, April 28, 2014

1927: Water Polo match in Lehrte, Germany

Water Polo match played in 1927 in Lehrte, a small industrial town and railway junction in North-Western Germany. The local swimming club, SV Lehrte, was founded in 1921 right after the end of World War I in the early days of the so-called “Weimar Republic”. The first venue of the Club was a pond with fixed sides. Water polo matches in Germany were mostly played on the occasion of Swimming Galas in those days. The goals used in Lehrte had no nets and were made of three wooden boards each; they were hanging in the air and kept in position by ropes.
Source: Wolfgang Philipps: Sonne – Wasser – Luft. 90 Jahre Schwimmsport in Lehrte und im Lehrter SV, 1921 – 2011, Lehrte 2011